Alaric Tower


We recently completed a photo shoot of a stunning business building in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria’s bustling city center. Our client was looking to rent out vacant spaces in the building to a range of businesses, from start-ups to established corporations, and wanted to showcase the property’s unique features and amenities through high-quality photographs.

To achieve this, we started the photo shoot by capturing a series of exterior shots from different angles to showcase the building’s striking facade and prominent location. We then moved inside to highlight the building’s interior spaces, including the reception area, conference rooms, and offices. We paid close attention to the lighting and composition of each shot to showcase the natural light, modern design, and high-quality finishes of the building.

In addition to showcasing the interior spaces, we also focused on highlighting the amenities and unique features of the building. These included the availability of parking, security systems, and accessibility features, as well as the building’s unique architectural details, high ceilings, and stunning views.

Overall, the completed photo project successfully captured the essence of the business building and its unique features, while also highlighting its ideal location in the heart of Sofia’s city center. The high-quality photographs will serve as an invaluable asset to our client in their efforts to rent out vacant spaces in the building to a range of businesses.



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