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We recently completed a photo shoot for Maria Merkel, a psychologist who has a unique skill of also being able to read tarot cards. Our client was looking to showcase her dual expertise in psychology and tarot reading, and create a set of high-quality photographs that would help her promote her services to a wider audience.

To start the photo shoot, we captured a series of portrait shots of Maria in different poses and angles, wearing professional attire to highlight her credentials as a psychologist. We then moved on to capturing images of her with her tarot cards, demonstrating her expertise in this unique field.

Throughout the photo shoot, we made sure to focus on the subtle details that convey the calm, peaceful, and welcoming environment of Maria’s practice. We captured images of her cozy and inviting consultation room, which is decorated with warm colors and soft lighting. These elements of the photo shoot helped to emphasize the personal, relaxed and professional approach that Maria brings to her work with clients.

We also made sure to capture candid shots of Maria during a tarot reading session with a client, highlighting the attention and care that she gives to each of her clients. The photos showcased the genuine connection that she makes with her clients, and the trust that they place in her abilities.

The high-quality photographs will serve as a valuable asset in her efforts to promote her services to potential clients, and help her stand out in a crowded market of psychologists and tarot readers.

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